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13 November 2015 @ 02:34 am

i will no longer be using this lj comm to post my fic,
all future fic will be on my ao3.
this comm will stay open but will no longer be used. fic is currently being reuploaded to ao3.
my main lj will remain for commenting, cross-posting, etc. hit me up if you feel so inclined.
thank you for every single wonderful comment and time you've given this comm <3
23 November 2014 @ 02:33 pm
feast your eyes.
IKON RPF. Bobby/B.I. Hogwarts!AU. PG-13. 6k~.
5 times Jung Chanwoo caught a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff kissing.
+ IDEK GUYS. i apologize for any innacuracies with his fic - as i am not well versed in the potter verse. unbeta-d.

[houses, positions, etc.]jinhwan - 7th year. gryffindor, head boy.

yunhyeong - 6th year. ravenclaw, quidditch team seeker, prefect.
bobby - 6th year. hufflepuff, prefect.
hanbin - 5th year. slytherin, quidditch team keeper.
donghyuk - 4th year. hufflepuff.
junhoe - 4th year. slytherin, quidditch team beater.
chanwoo - 3rd year. ravenclaw, quidditch team chaser.
i realize that chanwoo's age/year may keep him from rly having a chance of making the quidditch team but IDGAF!

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facts about the moon.
TEAM B/IKON RPF. Bobby/B.I. PG-13. 1.7~ words.
you know love when you see it, you can feel its lunar strength, its brutal pull.
+ this is less a cohesive fic and more just bits and pieces i strung together in the heat of the moment. unbeta'd.

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10 July 2014 @ 07:09 pm
notes. i wanted to start this before it became to much of a large task for me. this is not all the fic i have ever wrote! i've had multiple accounts on livejournal and have recent a decent amount of fic on all of them. i'm not really active for any of those fandoms anymore, though, so i've not included them here. i'm sure you can find them floating around on comms and old journals i've had - if you're looking for anything specific you can message me, though. i've also not included anything i've filled on prompt memes - anonymous or otherwise. most of the time those fics are not edited and written in the heat of the moment so they're often times something i just like to forget about, lmao. anyways - enjoy.

please read! before you ask, i allow translating of any and all of the fics i've written. all i ask is that you both link back to my original entry in your own post and that you send me a link to your post (just so that i can make sure you're doing the former, save it as a bookmark and the like). secondly, i've seen some art floating around based on fics i've written - which is so so flattering and i can't thank the artists enough - but if you did anything like that i would really love a link! seeing stuff like that can really boost your confidence about your writing, sometimes. and thirdly, if you rec any of my fics anywhere thank you so much. it really makes me day when i stumble across people reccing my fic. you're the best.

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19 June 2014 @ 11:23 pm
CATALLENA (The 'Got Caramel?' Remix).
GOT7 RPF. Mark/Jinyoung. NC-17. 2.1k~.
+ crossdressing warning. also...make up kink? whatever you call it.
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GOT7 RPF. Jackson/Mark, Mark/Jinyoung, Jackson/Mark/Jinyoung. NC-17. ~9.3k.
Mark's in a frat. So is Jackson. They might be a Thing. But also there's Jinyoung.
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(let's be) alone together.
BTS RPF. Yoongi/Jimin, Various AU's. PG-13. ~3.8k
Here are four ways this could have gone (and one way it did).
+ attack on titan/tattoo shop/a:tla/starfighter au. contains spoilers for aot but that part of the fic is skippable bc this is not a linear and/or cohesive fic.
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underground kissing in the parking lot.
BTS RPF. Jimin/Taehyung, College!AU, Always-a-girl!Taehyung. NC-17. ~4k.
Taehyung visits Jimin at college and they spend the weekend together.
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we'll go down this road til' it turns from color to black & white.
exo rpf. jongin/yixing. nc-17. 5k~ words.
+ trigger warning: depression, suicidal thoughts.

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