November 23rd, 2014

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[fic] IKON; feast your eyes {bobby/b.i}

feast your eyes.
IKON RPF. Bobby/B.I. Hogwarts!AU. PG-13. 6k~.
5 times Jung Chanwoo caught a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff kissing.
+ IDEK GUYS. i apologize for any innacuracies with his fic - as i am not well versed in the potter verse. unbeta-d.

[houses, positions, etc.]jinhwan - 7th year. gryffindor, head boy.

yunhyeong - 6th year. ravenclaw, quidditch team seeker, prefect.
bobby - 6th year. hufflepuff, prefect.
hanbin - 5th year. slytherin, quidditch team keeper.
donghyuk - 4th year. hufflepuff.
junhoe - 4th year. slytherin, quidditch team beater.
chanwoo - 3rd year. ravenclaw, quidditch team chaser.
i realize that chanwoo's age/year may keep him from rly having a chance of making the quidditch team but IDGAF!

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