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[fic] IKON; feast your eyes {bobby/b.i}

feast your eyes.
IKON RPF. Bobby/B.I. Hogwarts!AU. PG-13. 6k~.
5 times Jung Chanwoo caught a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff kissing.
+ IDEK GUYS. i apologize for any innacuracies with his fic - as i am not well versed in the potter verse. unbeta-d.

[houses, positions, etc.]jinhwan - 7th year. gryffindor, head boy.

yunhyeong - 6th year. ravenclaw, quidditch team seeker, prefect.
bobby - 6th year. hufflepuff, prefect.
hanbin - 5th year. slytherin, quidditch team keeper.
donghyuk - 4th year. hufflepuff.
junhoe - 4th year. slytherin, quidditch team beater.
chanwoo - 3rd year. ravenclaw, quidditch team chaser.
i realize that chanwoo's age/year may keep him from rly having a chance of making the quidditch team but IDGAF!

If he were being honest, Chanwoo would say he had expected more of a dichotomy between houses when he first arrived at Hogwarts. Something like an invisible - but still very tangible, a tension that could be cut with a knife - divide between Ravenclaws, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. Unspoken rules about only sitting with people who shared your house, common room and robe colours. That sort of thing.

Only then Yunhyeong had effectively (graciously, Yunhyeong would add) taken Chanwoo under his wing and Chanwoo learnt quickly that wasn't the case at all. Suffice to say Chanwoo was surprised enough when Yunhyeong had ushered him over to a secluded spot at the Gryffindor table one day after classes had ended, not a week's time after Chanwoo had been sorted into the same house as the older.

A group of boys were already sitting there with their head bent together. They were talking among themselves, some of them with books open in front of them and others with candy wrappers. Chanwoo couldn't help but notice the varying colours and coat of arms adorning all their robes. Chanwoo had learnt fairly quickly after following that day that your house didn't really matter much in anything besides school activities. Things like sports teams, the house cup, the like.

Somethings still manage to surprise Chanwoo, even as a third year now. Like how Jinhwan, recently appointed Gryffindor Head Boy, can count among his best friends someone like Koo Junhoe - the most troublesome Slytherin Chanwoo has ever met. Or how Yunhyeong still manages to smile at Hanbin when they get absolutely destroyed by the Slytherin team at Quidditch, while Chanwoo still can't help but pout and put a little too much of a harsh edge to his gaze when it lands on Hanbin or Junhoe. But those things are all superficial and silly and they never matter for longer than a few moments.

Chanwoo realizes, now, that relationships among varying houses are important. Nothing about it scandalizes him much, like it used to. Or. Almost anything.


The first time Chanwoo catches them it's at the beginning of the year, on the train.

"The number of people in this cart gets smaller every year," Donghyuk comments, settling down in his seat. He's just returned from changing into his robes, yellow and black scarf wound around his throat loosely. Chanwoo looks around the train car and realizes that Donghyuk's right. Whereas last year their cart had been full to the brim - there's only four of them now. Last year they were missing Jinhwan, when he was a Prefect and had to patrol the train halls and keep other students from making trouble. This year Jinhwan is Gryffindor's Head Boy, so he's off somewhere preparing for the Prefect meeting that will happen not long before their arrival at the school. Besides that, Bobby and Yunhyeong are also missing. They had changed into their robes as soon as they were on the train, fixing those Prefect badges to the fabric. Yunhyeong had dropped by the cart earlier to supply the four remaining friends - Chanwoo, of course, along with Donghyuk, Hanbin and Junhoe - with a few handfuls of candy. Bobby has yet to make an appearance.

Hanbin is looking spaced, out the train cart window - the one that leads to the hallway, watching Prefects and student alike pass by in both robes and their street clothes.

"Hanbin?" Junhoe calls, ignored by the older boy. Junhoe takes a jelly worm and tosses it across the train cart, hitting it's mark against Hanbin's cheek. This earns Junhoe Hanbin's attention - but also a stern glare. "Are you on planet earth again now?" Junhoe asks.

"Yes," Hanbin replies shortly. He picks up the piece of candy from where it's landed on his pants and breaks half of it off with his teeth in one go, chewing maybe a little more aggressively than he has to. "I," Hanbin continues, popping the second piece passed his lips, "am going to change into my robes. I'll be back in a bit."

Hanbin stands, pulling his suitcase down from the overhead and opening the train cart door. It slides back closed after he's shuffled out, handle shutting with a click as it does. Chanwoo tugs at the collar of his t-shirt, a real heat settled in the air. It hasn't quite yet cooled enough for him this September. He's not sure how Donghyuk is sitting across from him in a scarf right now.

It's not five minutes later when Junhoe's chocolate frog bounces out of their train cart and into the hallway, free to wreak havoc on the train wherever it pleases. Chanwoo, who had laughed hysterically at Junhoe's attempt to catch the thing, looks over at the train cart door to see who's opened it.

He expects Hanbin, maybe, changed into his robes and giving Junhoe that same slightly annoyed look. It ends up being Bobby, who watches the candied frog scurry away, surprised. He leaves it be, though, probably to get stepped on or sucked out an open window.

"I see your all still alive and sane in here," He says to the other boys, "despite Junhoe's best efforts to see otherwise." Junhoe makes a face, stuffing his face with more candy. "Save room for dinner, Junhoe," Bobby says.

There is an exchange of pleasant conversation. Nothing too deep or long, as they know Bobby will have to leave in a few minutes to check on other carts soon. But Donghyuk asks about his summer, Junhoe asks about his classes.

"Where's Hanbin?" Bobby asks after all that, scanning the empty seat and missing trunk.

"Went to change," Chanwoo tells him. Bobby nods at Chanwoo. Then he takes in Chanwoo's jeans and t-shirts and advises him do the same soon, before shutting the train cart door again and shuffling off down the hall to the next one.

"How close do you think we are?" Chanwoo asks after Bobby's gone.

Donghyuk shrugs, "we can't be too far. Bobby's right, you should change." Junhoe nods his agreement. Chanwoo relents, taking his trunk and leaving the train cart without much fuss after that.

He drags his suitcase along the hall - still not having mastered the art of having everything he feels he needs but also packing light. The hall is mostly empty, most people already settled in and ready for their coming arrival at the school. Chanwoo sighs, happy he doesn't have to weave his suitcase around stray students in the halls, grabs a better hold of his suitcase and continues on to the washroom.

Chanwoo turns the corner slowly and freezes.

Two people stand with their heads bent together, slightly but not completely hidden from view in an empty train cart. The door is ajar, maybe something they forgot to close in a hurry or it's slipped open, or they just don't care because this part of hall is deserted. No one is up for sitting so close to the bathrooms on the long journey they have.

Chanwoo slips, quickly but quietly, back around the corner so he's hidden once he realizes the two people are kissing. It's the noises that really give them way - long satisfied breaths out, the wet sounds of two mouths, an occasional grunt or shaky sigh. Chanwoo flushes.

He peeks back around the corner, acutely aware of how little time he has until the train arrives and how he's still not wearing his robes. Chanwoo nearly yells in shock when the two pull apart and he sees it - the Hufflepuff house emblem, the Prefects badge. It's Bobby - hair messy and lips swollen, kissing in secret where he thinks no one will see. Chanwoo swallows, directs his eyes over to the other person. All he can see from his angle is his profile but Chanwoo can tell, knows who it is without a doubt just from that.

It's Hanbin. Hanbin in his robes now, trunk laying at his feet forgotten. Bobby has his hand curved around Hanbin's tie, the green colour of it a bright contrast to Bobby's pale skin.

Bobby uses the tie to tug Hanbin forward, their mouths slotting together again. Even from this many feet away, Chanwoo can hear the pleased sigh Hanbin lets out as soon as his lips are on Bobby's again. Bobby's other hand comes to rest on Hanbin's hip over his sweater, fingers bunching up in the fabric.

It's not going to be long now before Chanwoo will start to feel like an awkward voyeur, so he takes this opportunity where the two other boys seem to be - well, thoroughly distracted to grab his trunk with both hands and slip into the bathroom as quickly as he can.

Once inside, Chanwoo pokes his head out of the door just to say enough to see if he was caught but no. Hanbin's back is still to Chanwoo and Bobby's mouthing along Hanbin's neck, so there's no way they know Chanwoo is even there. Relief washes over Chanwoo and he slips back inside the bathroom.

It was a shock to see them - Bobby and Hanbin - like that, Chanwoo thinks as he changes. A shock to catch them in such a compromising position, maybe, but not a surprise. Bobby's a Prefect, sure, but it's not like Prefect's are perfect and some pinnacle of good behaviour. Or, well, some are. But that's not why they made Bobby a Prefect. That's why they made Jinhwan Head Boy, but they made Bobby a Prefect because he's always been just friendly, good with people, easy to listen to.

What's not a surprise, really, that it's Bobby and Hanbin. Chanwoo has always wondered - they're so close. Hanbin indulges things from Bobby he wouldn't indulge with anybody else. Things like letting Bobby cuddle into his arm while they sit next to each other in the Great Hall, let Bobby sleep with his head in Hanbin's lap when they're supposed to be outside to study, hugging Hanbin from behind whenever Slytherin wins a Quidditch match.

Even if it's against Ravenclaw, much to Yunhyeong's disdain.

("Stop picking such obvious favourites," he complains most of the time.

"I'm not!" Bobby will insist. No one will believe him, but he'll insist. "Hanbin-ah just played good today."

Yunhyeong will roll his eyes. "No wonder they kicked you off the Hufflepuff team, you root for Slytherin more than you do your own house."

"They did not kick me off, Song Yunhyeong! I quit!")

Once Chanwoo's checked himself in the mirror after he's done dressing he decides, yes. Yes, it was a shock to catch them like that, specifically, but it's not a surprise that it was Bobby and Hanbin.


Chanwoo's almost positive classes aren't supposed to be making him this tired so early in the year. Or maybe he should focus less time on convincing Donghyuk to help him with Charms and more time actually studying Charms and he'll be out of the library earlier. But Chanwoo can sense Donghyuk's about to crack and whether from Chanwoo's persuasion or just annoyance, it doesn't really matter. So Chanwoo can't give up now.

On this particular day, Chanwoo had found a very secluded part of the library after Yunhyeong had finished his Potions homework and abandoned him to suffer by himself. He had been determined to study, to work on something of value, but he had also been up late the night before. And had Quidditch practice earlier. He can't be blamed for falling asleep and drooling all over his Charm's textbook, right?

Chanwoo wakes with a start. His candle is nearing the end of the wick, generating not enough light for Chanwoo to read properly. The library is deserted, the only sounds the ones an old school like this is bound to make. It doesn't take much for Chanwoo to realize it's after curfew and that he had hidden himself so well no one had woken him and sent him off to his dormitory.

The need to get back to the Ravenclaw common room is urgent, now. Yunhyeong always gives Chanwoo a firm talking to when he looses Ravenclaw house points. He says it's less about winning the house cup and more about how Chanwoo is his pseudo-protogee and Yunhyeong can't have him damaging his reputation.

Chanwoo gathers up his book quickly, snuffing out the candle. He checks to make sure no Prefect's are patrolling directly outside the library before slipping out. He makes it all the way to the third floor without incident but then, of course, just as Chanwoo's approaching the staircase to take him up to the fourth floor it moves, leaving no one way up and a gaping hole waiting below.

Chanwoo sighs, pressing himself against a wall to hopefully keep any passing Prefect from seeing him. He takes the moment the catch his breath, having run more than walked all the way here, and it's just about back to normal when there's a shuffling sound.

Chanwoo tenses. He recognizes the sound as most definitely the ruffling of robes that comes when you move quickly in them, coming from just around the corner of the wall Chanwoo is trying to stay inconspicuous pressed against. Chanwoo listens carefully for more noise but - it seems like there is none. He gathers up his courage, deciding then he has to be sure, and looks carefully around the corner.

Oh, not again.

It's Bobby and Hanbin, kissing with vigour and Hanbin pinned against the wall that form the corner with the one Chanwoo is trying to hide against. If Chanwoo wasn't so afraid of getting caught out so late, he'd be able to say something like "pretty far away from the Dungeons for so late at night, aren't you, Hanbinnie?"

But Bobby's with him and Bobby's meant to be out this late. Patrolling the halls for students, like Chanwoo, who are out after curfew, though. Not making out.

They part for air, Bobby and Hanbin, and Hanbin curls his hand around the back of Bobby's neck and a mischievous smile appears on his face. "If we got caught right now," he says, fingers playing in the hair at the base of Bobby's neck, "who would get in more trouble, you think? You or me?"

"I'm the only one patrolling this area, Hanbin-ah, and besides what do I have to worry about?" Bobby replies, pausing to kiss Hanbin again. It's long and slow, long enough to make Chanwoo think Bobby's finished his thought until he continues. "I'm a Prefect - I'm escorting you back to your common room because I caught you out after curfew. I'm giving you detention."

"We're a little far from the Dungeons for that excuse to work." For all this talk, Hanbin doesn't seem worried about actually being caught at all. Chanwoo wonders if they've done this before and if maybe they'd stop if they'd known Chanwoo had caught them this time.

Bobby hums. He cups Hanbin's jaw, bringing their faces so close together their almost kissing again. "Double detention, then, for wandering so far."

Hanbin laughs, closing the distance between them again.

Chanwoo is so distracted he hardly notices the staircase moving back into place. Luckily, though, he catches it before it's too late. He sprints up it as fast as his feet will take him without being too loud, not even bothering to look back and see if he's been noticed.

Chanwoo's never been more ready to climb into his dorm bed, scratchy blanket and ferocious night winds banging at his window kand all.


Winter rolls around and with it Yunhyeong catches a cold. He had thrown out his scarf after something from his Care of Magical Creatures class had torn into it, insisting he didn't need a new one. Yunhyeong's mother eventually caught wind of how sick her son was and sent a care package for of lozenges and a new scarf, along with a letter telling him to never be so stupid again.

Yunhyeong receives this letter the day before the Christmas holidays, sat at their usual spot at the very end of the Gryffindor table with his friends. "You should have just asked for a new one after you threw out the first one, honestly," Jinhwan says after Yunhyeong's opened it and sent his owl off again.

"You sound like her," Yunhyeong replies, rolling his eyes. It comes out less snappy than it normally would, partly because Yunhyeong's blocked nose is making his voice sound funny and partly because he's distracted by weaving his new scarf around his neck. "You might be the Gryffindor Head Boy, Kim Jinhwan, but I'm a Ravenclaw Prefect. There's no need to talk to me like your my mother."

Jinhwan huffs, slightly annoyed. From beside him, Junhoe pokes his shoulder, reminding him gently Yunhyeong's just teasing. They like to pretend Jinhwan's gotten more motherly and uptight since they made him Head Boy, but the truth is he's always been like this. And their tight-knit little group appreciates him that way.

"Speaking of Head Boy," Donghyuk speaks next. He sits beside Chanwoo, across the table from Yunhyeong, Jinhwan and Junhoe. Beside Donghyuk is Hanbin and beside Hanbin is Bobby. "Who do you think they'll make Head Boy and Girl next year? Someone from the pool of Prefects?"

He's speaking mostly to Yunhyeong and Bobby, who have the most knowledge about how their fellow Prefects act and how well they do their job. But the rest of their group all have their varying opinions on the subject too.

Yunhyeong shrugs. "Could be anyone, honestly. The girl 6th year Prefect is pretty good and they might pick me. I really don't know." Chanwoo, himself, thinks they'll make Yunhyeong Ravenclaw Head Boy next year. He's not sure if Yunhyeong wants to be Head Boy, though.

From the furthest away from Chanwoo, Bobby speaks up. "They're not going to pick me," he tells the group, "Hoseok's always giving me trouble for being to lenient. Says I let too many people get away with too much."

"Just follow Junhoe around," Chanwoo tells him. "Secretly, obviously, so you can catch him making all the trouble he does. You'll give out so many detentions, Hoseok will be so proud."

Junhoe levels Chanwoo with a glare. "If you weren't all the way across the table, Jung," he threatens, "I'd smack you." He turns back to discuss with the rest of the table after that. "Honestly, I don't care who they make the Slytherin Head Boy. Anything to end Taehyun's reign of terror."

"He really hates you," Jinhwan laughs.

"He really hates me!" Junhoe repeats. "I'm afraid he'll poison my food while I'm not looking. I can't wait until he graduates and we get a new Head Boy. What's worse is he was a pretty cool Prefect - the power's gone to his head."

"Be careful what you wish for," Hanbin interjects. He's smirking at Junhoe, lips upturned playfully. "They'll make me Prefect in a few years, Koo Junhoe, and I'll make your life a nightmare."

There's a moment of silence while everyone collectively blinks at Hanbin. Bobby's the first to break though, laughing loud enough for half the Great Hall to hear. The others all follow him. Yunhyeong laughs so hard he has to lay himself on the table to keep from falling off the bench. Everyone knows it's a joke, of course, and even if they didn't before they would now - Hanbin's laughing along with them.

"You?" Jinhwan sputters through giggles. "Head Boy? I'm sorry, Kim Hanbin, that's too funny."

It's not that Hanbin's a bad student or a bad leader. He works hard and he's friends with a lot of the students - it's just that he has a tendency to talk back. He's angered more teachers than he hasn't, the only person who really takes it in stride being his Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Who just so happens to be the Slytherin Head of House.

Bobby nudges Hanbin with his shoulder lightheartedly, the two of them sharing a quick smile. Chanwoo wonders if they think their subtle. There's no way Chanwoo is the only one who notices. Or maybe things like flirting disguised as comraderies become more obvious after you've seen two people with their tongue in each other's mouths.


Half the student body is gone by the next week. Yunhyeong had gotten rid of his cold not days after his mother's letter had arrived and he had left the school for home along with most of their group. Chanwoo's parents, this year, had decided to go on a cruise for Christmas, so he's stuck at school for the holidays. He's got Bobby and Hanbin with him, though, who both never go home for Christmas. Chanwoo's never really thought it his business to ask why.

Despite how close the other two left are, they do a good job at including Chanwoo in everything. They've invited him on a trip to Hogsmeade today. The weather had been to flurried to make the trip any earlier but it's calmed down now and last night Hanbin had told Chanwoo to meet him and Bobby in the Great Hall around 3 o clock.

When Chanwoo steps into the Great Hall, he notices the now enormous tree placed directly at the front of it. That hadn't been there the day before, would have been hard to no notice if it had been. Chanwoo figures the calming of the weather meant they could finally go out and fetch a tree from the grounds.

The Great Hall is mostly empty. Chanwoo's never been here during Christmas break before but Bobby and Hanbin tell him it seems like more and more students go home for the holidays every year. There are a few groups of people spaced out among various tables but as Chanwoo scans them he realizes none of them are Bobby or Hanbin. Chanwoo looks up at the people surrounding the tree after that. To the right of it, more towards the front, he finds the Charms professor and Hufflepuff Head of House floating an enormous star up to the very top of the tree. At the very front a Ravenclaw 3rd year Chanwoo recognizes from both his common room and a few of his classes is trimming the branches of the bottom of the tree and, around to the left, near the very back, Chanwoo finally spots Bobby and Hanbin.

Hanbin is standing back a little farther, not helping but merely observing. Bobby, however, has his wand out, enchanting enormous balls already on the tree to sparkle on their own like bright stars. Hanbin opens his mouth and speaks to Bobby, something Chanwoo is too far away to hear. Bobby laughs, at it, so Chanwoo can guess it was the sort of playful teasing that usually comes out of Hanbin's mouth.

Bobby finishes enchanting a ball and calls Hanbin over, pointing out spots on the tree and speaking to him. Again, Chanwoo can't hear anything. He starts to make his way over to insert himself into the conversation, when something has him stopping in his tracks.

Hanbin turns his head quicker than can Chanwoo can process. If he had done it slower, though, Chanwoo would have been able to guess what was going to happen before it did. As it stands, though, Hanbin pressing his lips against Bobby's in a quick kiss happens fast enough to surprise Chanwoo. He stands, frozen, looking around to see if anyone else could have possibly seen that.

Everyone has their noses in their own business, it seems. And if they notice they don't care enough to say anything. Chanwoo can't believe, after hiding in the train and kissing after curfew in empty hallways, Hanbin would do something so bold like kiss Bobby in the middle of the Great Hall.

Bobby's blush is so bright Chanwoo can see it from where he's standing. Chanwoo decides to let the two have a few more moments to themselves, taking a detour to the bathroom before they head out.


Chanwoo is soaking wet, chilled to the bone, and more upset than he would like to admit. Beside him Yunhyeong is much of the same, a little less upset because that's just how Yunhyeong is, and also a little worse for wear from where a bludger caught the side of his jaw. A dark blue bruise is blooming there, worrying-looking even if it's already been taken care. The school nurse had given him a salve, told him to apply it before bed every night and it would be gone before Yunhyeong would be able to blink.

Across from them Hanbin and Junhoe are the exact opposite. Hanbin's still got his broom clutched in his fist and a smile stretching ear to ear and Junhoe's abandoned his broom and bat in favour of jumping around excitedly and making both celebratory and taunting gestures.

"You could aim your bludgers a little better," Yunhyeong tells him. "I'm a seeker, why the hell are you hitting them at me?"

Junhoe shrugs. "I think you're just angry we beat you as badly as we did."

Yunhyeong sticks his tongue out, "I would have caught the damn snitch had it not been for you and that stupid bludger, Koo Junhoe."

"Alright, guys," Jinhwan says, stepping between them. The rest of their friends, those who don't play Quidditch and who wouldn't play on the same team as either of them if they did, are mostly dry. Jinhwan's got an umbrella he's sharing with Donghyuk and Bobby's bundle up in a raincoat. His cheeks are red from the cold, though. "It's freezing, let's go inside and get changed, get some food. It's just Quidditch."

They all follow Jinhwan's lead back inside, Junhoe going on about how it's not just Quidditch, with Yunhyeong backing him up despite just having lost to Junhoe and his team. Chanwoo follows behind moodily. He wishes he was a little less hung up on things like this - like Yunhyeong, who can argue with Junhoe one moment and argue for him the next - but he's not. Loosing still stings a bit. He'll feel better once he's got warm clothes and warm food in him, at least.

Their halfway back when Chanwoo realizes belatedly his flying gloves are still laying on the field, from where he threw them down in frustration after the Slytherin seeker had caught the snitch. He sighs, excusing himself from his group of friends and turning back around to return to the field to get them.

The rain's stopped, finally. Which makes Chanwoo a little angry - this couldn't have happened earlier? When he was playing Quidditch and the downpour of water was making his broom handle slip and slide in his grasp? Chanwoo knows he's not the best flyer - but he's not bad, either, and the heavy rain had given even him a hard time. He can't imagine how hard it must have been for Yunhyeong, who is usually flying around one-handed for most the game.

Chanwoo finds his gloves where he'd tossed them, in the soaking wet grass. He picks them up and wipes them on his Quidditch robes, the bright blue of them now dried going dark again when they get wet. Chanwoo sighs, hoping he can make it all the way to the Great Hall and those promised warm clothes and warm food without incident now.

Of course he can't, though, because when he circles around the spectator stand to make his way back there's a very distinct, very loud creak of wood. Not the kind that just happens with large structures made mostly or entirely of wood, swaying in the wind or expanding because of heat, shrinking because of cold. There's someone in the spectators stand, nearing an hour after the game now.

It's there's one thing Chanwoo has learnt about himself since attending Hogwarts, it's that he's an incurable curiosity. The kind that gnaws at the back of his neck whenever Chanwoo stumbles across something like this. He's got enough social graces to know when something isn't his business, sure, but when it's not clear whether it is or not - like now - well, Chanwoo makes it his business.

The spectator stand is the Slytherin one. Chanwoo pushes back the curtain of green and silver and peers up, through the wood planks that hold it up and the stairs that lead up to the seats and standing room. He catches a sight familiar to him, a sight that used to surprise him but he's caught too many times now to feel anything but annoyance. Because, honestly, again?

It's the usual suspects - Bobby and Hanbin, a few levels up from Chanwoo. The jacket of Hanbin's Quidditch robes at their feet, along with the rain coat Bobby had worn. The water that had collected on both pieces of clothing leaks through the cracks in the wood panels. Hanbin's hair is still wet, bangs stuck to his forehead. Both of Bobby's hands are bunched in Hanbin's shirt, keeping him close and against the other's mouth. Hanbin's hands rest at Bobby's waist.

As someone who has, regrettably, seen Hanbin and Bobby kiss often enough - this is the most frantic and fiery Chanwoo has ever seen them. Hanbin is flushed, head to toe, despite how much his wet and cooling robes must make him cold. He could look down at the right angle and see Chanwoo any moment now. He won't, though, Chanwoo knows. Especially as he watches Bobby tug at Hanbin's bottom lip with his teeth, fit a thigh between both of Hanbin's legs.

Chanwoo gulps. He's teetering of that edge of creepy voyeurism that he felt in his gut the very first time he caught them kissing, all those months ago on the train. Only this time it's weirder, a more private moment that Chanwoo is intruding on.

Then Bobby pulls away from Hanbin says, "you played really good today," in a voice that is so fond and so definitely just a for Hanbin and Chanwoo's stomach drops into his ankles. He's slipping back out of the spectator stands before he realizes it, his feet carrying him inside the school faster than he realizes as well.


The fifth time is the last time, Chanwoo decides.

He's walking back from Care of Magical Creatures, taking the shortcut by the lake that takes him to the side of the castle his Divinations classroom is on faster than walking through the castle itself. No one really knows about it, honestly, it's sort of Chanwoo's secret. He's never told anybody, though, mostly because he's embarrassed that he found it after he got lost in the forest, middle of this second year.

Chanwoo is crunching through twigs and dried leaves when he spots Hanbin and Bobby's familiar figures. Bobby is laying on the forest floor, book opened and laid across his face to shield him from the sun. He might be sleeping, Chanwoo can't tell.

Hanbin, however, is up and by the lake. He's got a handful of flat and smooth stones, skipping them across the water and counting to see if he managed more skips with that rock than the last. After two in a row plop unceremoniously in the water, Hanbin gives up, dropping the rest of the stones at his feet and rubbing his wrist.

Hanbin turns back around and Chanwoo half expects Hanbin to spot him, but he supposes he's hidden considerably by the leaves on the trees. Hanbin treks the few steps back up to where Bobby is laying and Chanwoo watches as Hanbin nudges Bobby's leg with his shoe. Bobby stirs, arms he had been previously pillowing his head on coming to pull the book off his face.

Hanbin sits next to Bobby after that, Bobby sitting up to meet him. There at the same level now and if they had some tact, Chanwoo thinks, they'd at least exchange polite conversation before they started making out. But of course they don't.

It's in that moment Chanwoo decides he's fed up. Intruding on private (or, at least they're supposed to be private) make out sessions between your two friends is really something that eats you up inside. Chanwoo's not a jerk, either, so he's not about to out Bobby and Hanbin to their friends. Chanwoo thought if he left well enough alone, maybe Hanbin and Bobby would come around eventually.

That doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon, though, so Chanwoo decides to take matters into his own hands.

He emerges from the trees, making as much noise as he can. He's still only a few feet away from them when Bobby and Hanbin notice he's there. They spring apart, jumping farther than any of the toads Chanwoo's seen at the shore of the very lake.

"C- Chanwoo," Hanbin sputters, hands flopping uselessly.

"This is - uh," Bobby swallows visibly, "this isn't what it looks like, I was just -"

Chanwoo lifts his hand in a gesture for them both to stop talking, both of their mouths shutting with audible clicks of teeth. "Save it," Chanwoo begins, "I've seen you make out like three?" Chanwoo furrows his eyebrows, counts of his fingers. "Four! Four times, I've caught you making out. I know. You're not fooling anyone, okay?"

Hanbin blinks. "What?" He croaks.

"You're not fooling anyone, okay?" Chanwoo continues. "You're not subtle and your going to get caught by someone else sometime. No one's going to care, obviously, but wouldn't you rather not be teased for getting caught playing tonsil hockey? Junhoe's ruthless. This could be easily solved if you just told everyone and stopped making out in my direct path all the time."

Satisfied, Chanwoo turns around and marches off to Divination without a glance back. He assumes the shocked expressions Bobby and Hanbin's faces had morphed into after he had started talking stay with them long after Chanwoo is gone.

6. (One Time They Knew He Was Watching).

By some disgusting sense of karma for embarrassing them so badly, Chanwoo doesn't seen Bobby and Hanbin making out any less after that. In fact, he sees them sucking each other's face even more. Which just isn't fair, honestly. With how many times Chanwoo caught them together before they came out to the rest of their group of friends (which, as Chanwoo had expected, had already suspected or just knew through intuition), Chanwoo's seen too much of Hanbin and Bobby kissing. He thinks he deserves a break.

"You couldn't have just left well enough alone?" Yunhyeong says, taking a seat next to Chanwoo at their usual table. Across from them, Donghyuk is trying to concentrate of his textbook even with Bobby and Hanbin sitting next to him. The two of them keep leaning against each other and kissing for no other reason other than they happened to lock eyes. Junhoe's being a little less subtle, watching them unabashedly with a look of disgusting, making gagging noises anytime their lips touch.

There's no way Bobby's making Head Boy now, with how many times Hoseok has caught him abandoning his Prefect post in favour of pulling Hanbin into his lap and kissing along his jaw. Now that everyone knows, the detention excuse doesn't work for them anymore. Sometimes Hanbin and Bobby are nice enough to just quietly hold hands under the table and spare everyone - but for the most part they don't care.

Jinhwan sighs, slipping into the bench beside Junhoe and gently tapping him upside the head. "Don't stare."

"But they are disgusting," Junhoe replies, scrunching his face up. Chanwoo is amazed they can all just talk like Hanbin and Bobby aren't even here and they just don't notice.

"Give it a few weeks," Donghyuk amends, pushing back a little against Hanbin when the pressure of Bobby's mouth has him leaning against Donghyuk's shoulder. "The novelty will wear off, they'll start acting like normal people again."

"Hopefully," Yunhyeong says, ripping out a piece of paper from his notebook and crumpling it up. He throws it at Bobby, who it hits scare in the temple. The other doesn't even blink. "Sooner rather than later."

(Maybe it was more than One Time).

+ sorry about any mistakes in this. it was put up kind of hastily before i left for work. i'm gonna read it again once i get back.
+ lmao i dont even know how this happaned? i've been obsessed with hogwarts au's lately.
+ hope u caught that secret junhoe/jinhwan and yunhyeong/chanwoo i was pushing hehe.
+ as always you can request to follow me on twitter, if you wish.
Tags: (x)pop: ikon rpf, au: hogwarts, pairing: bobby/b.i.
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